Prayer Times in Abul

Abul Cacheu Guinea-Bissau Prayer times Change Location?
5:41 AM
6:52 AM
1:04 PM
4:13 PM
7:16 PM
8:23 PM
Calculation Method

Standard (Shafi, Hanbli, Maliki)

MWL - Muslim World League

Fajr 18  degrees, Isha 17 degrees


12.34000000 , -15.88806000



Timezone offset: UTC0

Accurate Abul Prayer Times, Cacheu Guinea-Bissau: Easy MWL - Muslim World League Method & Standard (Shafi, Hanbli, Maliki) Juristic Asr Calculation

Effortless Calculation Methods

Discover precise Abul prayer times in Cacheu Guinea-Bissau, effortlessly. Calculated with the MWL - Muslim World League method and Standard (Shafi, Hanbli, Maliki) juristic method for Asr, these prayer times cater to local needs.

Time Zone & Geographical Coordinates

Utilizing the Africa/Bissau, Abul Cacheu sits at a 0:0 hour difference from UTC, with a latitude of 12.34000000 and longitude of -15.88806000.

Daylight Saving Time

Keep track of prayer times in standard time. with eSalah while on the go, ensuring convenience for the Muslim faithful in Abul, Cacheu, Guinea-Bissau.

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Today's Prayer Times in Endoja Guinea-Bissau

Find accurate Prayer timings in Abul CacheuGuinea-Bissau , with eSalah. Instantly access today's prayer times for:

Fajr prayer time for Abul Cacheu Guinea-Bissau Fajr: 5:41 AM
Sunrise salah timing for Abul Cacheu Guinea-Bissau Sunrise: 6:52 AM
Duhur namaz time for Abul Cacheu Guinea-Bissau Duhur: 1:04 PM
Asr Salat time for Abul Cacheu Guinea-Bissau Asr: 4:13 PM
 Maghrib Islamic praying timing for Abul Cacheu Guinea-Bissau Maghrib: 7:16 PM
Isha salah waqt for Abul Cacheu Guinea-Bissau Isha: 8:23 PM

Calculation Methods & Juristic Method for Asr

Prayer times were calculated using the MWL - Muslim World League method and Standard (Shafi, Hanbli, Maliki) juristic method for Asr. Check Abul Cacheu in Guinea-Bissau namaz times effortlessly with eSalah.

Prayer Duration Breakdown

  • Duration between Fajr and Sunrise is: 1 hour, 11 minutes
  • Duration between Sunrise and Duhur is: 6 hours, 12 minutes
  • Duration between Duhur and Asr is: 3 hours, 9 minutes
  • Duration between Asr and Maghrib is: 3 hours, 3 minutes
  • Duration between Maghrib and Isha is: 1 hour, 7 minutes
  • Duration between Fajr and Maghrib is: 13 hours, 35 minutes
  • Duration between Fajr and Isha is: 14 hours, 42 minutes

Fasting Duration on Shawwal 4, 1445, (April 13, 2024)

The fasting duration in Abul on Shawwal 4, 1445, (April 13, 2024) is as follows:

  • Duration between Fajr and Maghrib: 13 hours, 35 minutes